About Us

Regina Renee Ward Regina Renee Ward is a public librarian and former public school teacher. She is passionate about social justice, intellectual freedom, and the reading experience. Her work with Friends (Quakers) and racial healing was born out of necessity as she navigates life as both a Black woman and a Friend. She identifies as a Christian Friend and her favorite book in the Bible is James. Her life verse is Micah 6:8. Regina Renee is the Clerk of Friends General Conference's Committee for Nurturing Ministries and Co-Clerk of the Institutional Assessment Implementation Committee.

Polly Washburn's work history falls under the umbrella of story-telling via journalism, video and web content. Her passion for racial justice stems from being raised in a multiracial family and community, and experiencing differences in race relations as she lived in various parts of the country and world. Working with formerly incarcerated citizens resulted in a leading to work to end mass incarceration and disenfranchisement. She has also been working with her husband on a documentary about immigration issues.

We both feel called to do the work of anti-racism education. Over the last three years, we have collaborated to offer online workshops on "Healing and Understanding White Supremacy" and "The Beloved Community" through the Spiritual Deepening Program of the Friends General Conference, a national Quaker organization. The curriculum on this site is drawn from those workshops, but we have expanded it and made it accessible to anyone of any (or no) religious belief.

Thanks to:

* Paula Rhodes of Mountain View Friends Meeting for allowing us to use resources from Racial Equity Training, 2018

* Rachel Ernst Stahlhut, Friends General Conference (FGC’s) Spiritual Deepening Program Coordinator

* The Spiritual Deepening Curriculum Committee for Understanding and Healing White Supremacy: Liz Oppenheimer (Iowa YM Conservative), Jeff Hitchcock (NYYM), Anne Collins (SCYM), Gillian Burlingham (NPYM), Claire M.Cohen (LEYM), Lisa Graustein (NEYM), Anastacia Ebi (IMYM/ BYM)

* Participants in the FGC e-retreats Building Beloved Community and Understanding and Healing White Supremacy