Part III: Racism in our Organizations and Institutions

In this section we will be focusing on the ways that white supremacy has shaped individual organizations and the experience of people of all races within them. We hope this content will enable you to identify patterns of white supremacy as they show up in your own organizations, whether that be a business, a church or a social group. We want you to be able to understand how white supremacy culture and microaggressions within organizations and institutions wound participants of color, and hear next steps that some organizations and are taking to address white supremacy and work toward racial justice.

Racism and the perpetuation of injustice is rampant within our instiuttions, as they are part of our society. While this acknowledgement is painful, it is also the first step in transformation and healing. A spiritual break happens when we disconnect from each other, and spiritual deepening may occur as we reconnect and stay connected in the struggle for racial justice and equity. This affirmation of our shared humanity and solidarity with one another is vital in living into the Beloved Community.

As we open our hearts to encounter some uncomfortable truths about our organizations and spiritual communities, let us remind each other to practice courage, to stand still and welcome the healing and guidance that will move us toward liberation for all.

Reflective Practice

Take some time to reflect on these prompts in your journal. 

What are your hopes and dreams for dismantling racism in our world and in the Religious Society of Friends? What are the barriers to change?

What action will you commit to taking toward making this vision a reality?

What accountability or support do you need? Who might you invite to join you?

How can your spirituality guide you on this journey?