Anti-Racism Curriculum


This section of the site is a 15-part racism/antiracism education series that takes you through definitions, examples, explanations and self-reflection exercises. These take the form of reading, video and audio. It was developed originally for a Quaker audience, so you will notice that several of the resources listed are from Quaker websites and journals.

Each part includes a set of questions for conversation or journaling. Your journey through the curriculum will be far richer if you take the time to answer these questions for yourself or in discussion with one or more other people.


Part I: Language/Definititions

1A: Racism
1B: Discrimination
1C: White Privilege
1D: Intersectionality

Part II: Patterns of White Supremacy

2A: Introduction
2B: Racial Identity and Transformation
2C: Internalized Dominance and Oppression

Part III: Racism in our Organizations and Institutions

3A: Introduction
3B: Beloved Community
3C: Listening to People of Color
3D: Seeking Racial Justice in Our Organizations

Part IV: Healing White Supremacy

4A: Introduction
4B: Defining Liberation
4C: Action Tools for Anti-Racist Activists
4D: Addressing White Supremacy in Our Organizations